7 Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

Do you dread being invited to holiday networking events? If so, read on.

I am an extrovert, so I am always looking to make new connections at parties and frequently look for folks who are standing on their own ‘waiting to network’. J

I realize, if you are an introvert, you may not want to meet new people in the same way I do. Here are some helpful tips as you make your plans to attend holiday parties.

  1. Make friends with the check in folks, they can introduce you to others who will pave the way for you.
  2. Gather round the food, everyone likes to talk about food at parties, it will be an easy way to meet others.
  3. Look for the people you know and start by connecting with them first.
  4. Ask them who else in the room they think you should meet; ask them to introduce you.
  5. Think of the party as a research project; it is a great time to gather data for any project you are working on. (I’ve even heard about trusted plumbers at parties!)
  6. Look for the extroverts…those people working the room and introducing themselves to everyone. They will be happy to help you connect.
  7. Make it a goal to connect with onenew person. Once you do, I’ll bet they will introduce you to others.

If all else fails, feel free to sit on the sidelines, watch the fun and don’t be surprised if an extrovert like me finds you….I am always trying to include everyone.

Happy Networking & Happy Holidays!


Caroi Semrad


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