4/9/2020 Webinar – Job Searching During a Recession?

I have seen a lot of research that cover letters are now obsolete unless you’re explaining a gap in your work history or a large shift in the industry. What are your thoughts?

If a job requires a cover letter, by all means, submit one! If it doesn’t, but there are parts of your resume that need to be explained – gaps on your resume or sudden career or industry shift – a cover letter is a great opportunity to explain those. If none of the previously mentioned things apply, then proceed by submitting a resume that is tailored to that specific job description.

What are some of the biggest challenges that HR professionals are dealing with day to day during this pandemic?

HR leaders have a number of issues on their minds today: they are focused on how they keep their employees engaged while working from home. They are focused on how they communicate to remote staff and ensure their employees have access to the tools they need to be successful. They are beginning to plan for what return to work might look like and how they can ensure their organizations do so safely, and they are thinking about their summer internship programs and trying to create a plan that is fair to students and their organizations.

Is there still a stigma around temporary work?

There has often been thought to be a negative connotation with temporary work. However, for millions of Americans, temporary and contract work is what helps ensure they have the financial means to live their lives, as well as the flexibility. Contract work is prevalent across all industries and roles, from technology to marketing to call center. Companies hire temporary workers to help meet business demand and service customers. During this time period, we will see a rise in contract work and a decrease in direct hire positions.Temporary work helps build your skillset and learn about new industries, it allows candidates to identify industries and roles they like and helps build your network.

Should I pay someone to help with a resume update? How do I pick the right source?

There are a number of free resources to help update your resume. Turn to those first before paying for a service. Many recruiting firms will offer resume and interviewing critiques free of charge as they want you to put your best foot forward. If you haven’t worked with a recruiting firm yet, tap a couple to be a resource for your and get their insight on your resume. Additionally, career services at your alma mater can serve as a great resource regardless of how long you’ve been out of school.

Should I add my volunteer experience to my resume even though it has no real relevance/connection to HRD (MY MAJOR)?

Volunteer experience is great to showcase on your resume as it helps demonstrate you are a well rounded candidate, regardless of whether it’s related to your background, education or job. Volunteer experience is particularly important to highlight if you have a gap on your resume where you were job searching or took time off. Showcase that you continued to stay active and involved despite not actively working.

How far back should I list my experience?

Now, more than ever, it’s important candidates tailor their resume to fit the job they are applying for. All relevant experience can be included. If one role has more pertinent experiece than another to the job you are applying to, expand upon that role instead of listing 5-10 bullets about a position that has no transferrable skills.

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